About the collection


Register of Burgees Collected by SYC

Southern Yacht Club is proud to display the signals of established yacht clubs in recognition of our mutual friendship and common pursuits.  These burgees have been exchanged and collected by the membership during their travels and competitions, as well as, presented by sailors visiting our club.


Are the flags in any particular order?

Generally speaking, there is no particular order.  However, the inner row of flags hanging vertically are the Gulf Yachting Association member clubs and are hung in the order in which they joined the GYA.

Where is the Southern Yacht Club burgee?

Flying at the top of the mast on the North Lawn!  The burgees displayed in the bar serve as a sign of hospitality and respect for our fellow yachtsmen from across the country and around the world.  The SYC burgee may be displayed in the bar during certain events that celebrate the club, itself, such as the Annual Meeting or Commodore's Ball.

Can I add a burgee to the collection?

Absolutely!  All members are encouraged to bring an SYC burgee or two with them on their travels and to make an exchange with any yacht club they may visit.  Also, visitors to SYC may offer to make an exchange at the front desk.  Note that the prefered size for display is 12"x18".